Help ADMO!

With your income declaration form, you can choose to donate 0.5% of your taxes to ADMO Trentino ONLUS.

It is an easy way to help our activity.
The main goal of ADMO is to inform population of Italy about the possibility to fight leukemia and other blood neoplasias with bone marrow donation and transplant.

Think on the projects and ventures that stem from your contribution!


Whatever your income declaration form, you will find a special section on tax donation to non-profit organization ("5 per 1000"):

1) Sign on the empty line;
2) Write the tax code of ADMO Trentino: 96049630229.

5 per mille

We remind you that the target organizations of this tax donation ("5 per mille") are different from those of the so-called "8 per mille". The two contributions are not interrelated, nor alternative to one another. Neither involves any tax increase for the taxpayer.
Update your personal data!

Personal data update form

It is very important that the personal data of our associates be always up to date, so that they can be easily reached in case that their donation is needed.