Registration Instructions

The registration form is composed of two tracing papers. The first copy is white and includes, on the back side, the acceptance for use of personal data; this copy is reserved to ADMO Trentino. The second copy is yellow and must be kept by the donor. She/he is to handle it to the representative of the medical centre when taking the blood sample for classification.

In order to take the first blood sample for the HLA classification, please contact Dr. Nadia Ceschini at the main medical centre, Banca del Sangue di Trento - tel. 0461.904374.

It is possible to download a PDF version of the registration form (requires Acrobat Reader ® or equivalent program). It contains all three pages of the form. You can print them as described above, or separately. You can also download the informative report on personal data, as mentioned in D.Lgs. 30/06/2003, 196 - Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali.

Please fill out the registration form with all required information. Remember to state your e-mail address, if you owe one. Send the first copy of the form, together with the acceptance for use of personal data, including date and signature, to:

Via San Marco, 38
I-38122 TRENTO

Please keep the second copy of the form for the medical centre, which will contact you for the blood sample classification.

Registration Form
Registration Form (Italian only)
Report on personal data
Report on personal data (Italian only)

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